Hallo, I am Maria. I was born and raised in beautiful Valencia in Spain. In 2011 I moved to the Netherlands. Life in Valencia is full of sun, warm weather, music and great food which are things which people mostly love when they go out on holidays.
With my passion for traditions and love of food I want to bring that " holiday feeling" to peoples homes throughout the year. PAELLA - ordinary food which makes every Sunday extraordinary and fun. Slow cooking with family and friends, laughing and enjoying time together, that is Sunday In Valencia. I come to people´s houses to show them and teach them how to make the ORIGINAL PAELLA. To tell them about Paella´s history, who is paellera and what is socarrat.
Everywhere I go - no matter if I do Masterclass in the university, cooking show for a party, catering for company meetings or just being at the market selling paella specialities,
I love working with people and introducing my beloved Valencia to them.
Returning to my home town, searching for the best ingredients and products this
part of Spain offers, and bringing them to you, is what I also enjoy most. For spreading paella knowledge and sharing all my cooking experiences
on 16 Januari 2017, I became an ambassador for the "Flying Paellamakers". This is Wikipaella´s project to award Paella makers and Restaurants all over the world.
Like an Oscar or Michelin Star in Paella making. Maria´s Paellas proudly teams up with:
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