Tired of ordinary catering? When people just bring the food and almost just leave it by your doorstep. When you invite Maria´s Paellas you will go through a fantastic experience.
You will see how the Original Paella is made; you will enjoy all the lovely smells combined together, you will see how saffron brought straight from Valencia will color the rice and how it gives Paella that perfect look and taste. While enjoying the cooking and some stories about Paella we have some Sangria and a good time. 2,5 - 3 hours of fun time.
It is revisiting Paella history, Valencian traditions and your opportunity to EXPERIENCE VALENCIA IN YOUR HOME. For group of 10 or more participants.
ordering number 8910 
Price does not include BTW.
Travel costs: 0,40 euros per km /I am based in Beemte Broekland, The Netherlands/.
Parking costs added if necessary. Are you preparing an event with less than 10 people? Are you opening a restaurant and want your chef to cook the ORIGINAL PAELLA?
Do you plan Masterclass for your school? Want to learn Spanish while cooking paella? Need catering? Please contact me for more information.
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